Safety tips for Alzheimer Disease


If any family member is suffering from the Alzheimer Disease or memory loss problem do following step so they don’t go missing or if lost it becomes easy to find her/him
1. Explain them situation with some examples and stories to accept the situation so they can cooperate
2. Spend some quality time with them and don’t remind them their condition. Act cool and change the topic if they trying hard to remember things
3. Remember they are more upset / Confused with their own problem then you are
4. Enroll them to carry I card
4. Print their name, your contact number on back of their shirt / trouser / saree / kurta at end corner
5. One can put tracking chip on the abdominal fat
6. One can make tattoo of their name and contact number on their forearm
7. Never keep them alone and ensure the door is lock which they can’t open
8. Keep some campaign to take their care
9. Play memory exercise games
10. Follow doctors instruction and medication properly

Missing Person Search Step


If any one of near and dear one go missing follow below steps simultaneously to ensure you can find him/her on earliest.

  1. Register FIR in local Police station and ask police to record the statement.
  2. Ensure police does investigation for this complain as a serious nature as kidnapping
  3. Give 50 or more copy of photos to all the Beat Marshal, Biker and traffic – Hawaldar/Constable to search locally within local area and city/ town
  4. Ensure missing person photo is shared in all the near by police station
  5. Ensure the police website is updated on missing person link
  6. Enrol local police to use their network of Khabri
  7. Enrol the local police to do the wireless message within city / taluka / district and across the interstate
  8. Ask Police to do local TV and Radio announcement
  9. Enrol police to do mobile van loud speaker announcement
  10. Along with FIR copy and 50 photos with detail – register with missing person Cell
  11. Take out 5000+ posters of A3 size or bigger with name of missing person, age, date of missing, contact numbers and paste in public places like railway station, bus stops, temples, church, gurudwara, masjid colleges, auto and taxi stands, toll naka etc etc
  12. Do Social Media campaign FB , Twitter , LinkedIn and whats-app
  13. Enrol DCP / Add CP level officer to monitor the process of local police station
  14. Enrol the Civil Defense and Home guard volunteers and other NGO volunteers to spread locally to do personal search
  15. Ask few friends to take their vehicle and move with constable to inquire in public places.
  16. Enrol All India Medical Association – Local chapter, Municipal Corporation’s hospital group, Hospital Association to share the detail on whatsapp for any such person admitted in their hospital
  17. Enrol Cable operator to publish the photo advertisement and below liner during the popular show.
  18. Ensure all the above things are done at same time so enrol relatives / friends with one one responsibility
  19. If 24 hours passes then do give photo advertise in all the local and national news paper in front page
  20. If it is kid or girl ensure you use the interstate police support and wider media like TV and social media
  21. Interstate search by repeated wireless messages by local police, Child Helpline / Red Cross also provide the great support with their country wide network
  22. Enrol the NGO like red cross who are working for missing people
  23. Just be positive and keep praying in your mind
  24. Never follow or take support of any rituals remember only positive actions helps.
  25. Faster you take the action faster is positive outcome
  26. Connect the following government/ NGO agency to help you                                                                                               – National Center of Missing Children –                                                              – Child Helpline

I personally pray that no one’s family member should go missing and If lost please follow above steps simultaneously to ensure that you can find him/her on earliest.

Do help in spreading this post so people who have missed their family members this steps provide as a guide to find them.


Early relief and rescue operation during disaster


I always feel any relief work should be dignified and not add further psychological problem to the victim.  Early rescue by experts and  trained volunteers will help in early rehabilitation.

Preparedness for any emergency and self help and minimum external help is the most ideal way to reduce the impact of any disaster.

Below are my view to reduce the impact of disaster and organized the better management during the rescue and relief operation post disaster.

Flood in J&K or any other part of country or any disaster, needs lots of human hours of experts in field and material for rescue and relief work. Ideally speaking the helps which are planned in advance and as per demand and need of situation to reach on earliest means a true help.

Delay in relief work happens due to collecting the things on last moment for rescue and relief work will not only increases the pain and suffering of the victim but also increases the impact of disaster. This also invites delayed rehabilitation. Increase economical loss, waster of rescue and relief material.

Untrained amateur well wishers helps is also added disaster not only for victim but many time whole rescue and relief operations is mismanaged or delayed.

Restricting the people to enter the disaster area for volunteering works is also the need of time as many times more than the victim volunteer management becomes a big task for the government authority.

Most of the time army of false victim also gathers at the disaster area that travels to get relief work across the country and takes away the maximum relief material and actual victim doesn’t get anything.

We say it’s a disaster management but looks till now in India disaster mismanagement.

We at RADHEE NGO developing the technology which is in process where we can reduce the response time for rescue and relief work and give dignified relief work.

Objective of RADHEE is “Early Help, Right Help”.

Use of technology and the content management system is the best solution which we are in process of developing for our mission on Early Rescue and Relief Work.


When patient is hospitalized – Tips for how to give (as a relatives/ friend ) or get (as a family member) help


When patient is hospitalized – Tips for how to give (as a relatives/ friend ) or get (as a family member) help

In today’s ear of small nuclear families, both husband and wife / both parents are working to meet both ends of costly living so it becomes very difficult to manage if any one of the family member falls sick and need hospitalization for long duration.

Friend in need is friend in deed. Lets make this help meaningful by following few tips

Blog talks about two aspects 

  1. what to do as relative and family member when you visit the hospital or become support system
  2. What to do as a patients family member to get help from relatives and friends.

When you visit hospital follow simple things that will be more appreciated by patient and his/her family

Simple Do’s and Don’t to make your visit meaningful and welcoming to hospital 

  1. Don’t ask how it happened (as they are suffering and told to many which further can add to their suffering)
  2. Don’t give negative examples
  3. Don’t scare to patients and his/her relatives by any examples
  4. Never be superstitious / astrologer
  5. Never give medical advise as they are already in experts hand in hospital.
  6. If you feel something is going wrong in hospital with patient, study it, think before what suggest
  7. Message before going and ask what will be good time to call / visit and what they should carry to hospital or what help is required.
  8. Don’t plan help by yourself but asking what they can do will be more meaningful. It’ll avoid duplication and gaps
  9. When offering help be specific what you can do and at what time for e.g – I can sleep at night or I can drop kids at school or get kids from school or help them in home work or can do bank work or help in office work or cook some food etc
  10. Only commit when you are 100% sure of full filling it
  11. Remember your last moment change of plan will disturb the over burden family members who is already in stress.
  12. Don’t over crowd in hospital or at home at same time but call other relative and friends so few can visit everyday
  13. Depending upon the type of sickness plan for long term meetings and support
  14. Make the environment cheerful with meaningful talks, discussion jokes etc
  15. Don’t eat or drink at home of sick person as they get over burden by relatives/ friend hospitality which reduces time for quality care of patients for early recovery.
  16. Be patience in listening and Never give advises
  17. Before talking think since person is suffering has become sensitive so be careful to start a topic
  18. Smile and gentle touch, says more than words
  19. Don’t talk loudly as due to suffering patients may become sensitive to noise
  20. Take food as per advise from the doctor
  21. Don’t force to eat which is against the medical advice, in fact support in diet
  22. Don’t expect any thank you for your help as in stress family members do acknowledge timely help but may forget to verbally to acknowledge
  23. Remember your required help is biggest support in speedy recovery of patient.

As a patient’s family member do following things to reduce your stress  and get quality help from relatives and friends.

  1. Pen down what help you are looking from relatives and friends to manage home, hospital and work. Plan it
  2. This will help you what to ask specific help from relative and friends. It’ll become easy for them also to commit and full fill it
  3. Don’t over burden one or two relatives or friends but instead divide the work.
  4. If any of relative or friends hasn’t called it may mean they may not be aware about your situation so if you are looking for any help don’t hesitate to call and ask for help.
  5. Don’t feel bad if relative and friends refuse to give specific help you asked in such scenario share your other requirement so they can choose as per their priorities and commitments
  6. Remember in today’s ear time is biggest problem as we all are over burden with many things so understand your relatives and friends problem as well if they refuse help.
  7. Have a discussion with treating doctor what is going to be prognosis, plan of treatment and cost involved in it
  8. In today’s era everyone has mediclaim but in case you don’t have do ask your treating doctor about medical social worker and understand if patient can get help from any government’s medical help plans
  9. Every government and private hospital above bed of 40 has to appoint full time medical social worker
  10. Medical social workers are aware about all the government schemes, bank loans paper work needed to get it, corporate who support the bills of patient.
  11. If you need any monetary help show how you can repay not in wage idea but give clear picture of repayment mode.
  12. Banks also gives loans for hospital bills which one can repay in installments for which you need a good paper work. Take help of treating doctor and medical social worker of hospital.
  13. Ensure if you are real need then only ask for the monetary help form corporate as you may be taking away help from someone who may be in need more than you.
  14. Do take care of your heath also as if you are fit you can take good care of your suffering family member

Hope above tips help to reduce the stress and better planning for the patient’s treatment.

Do share your experience which has help in speedy recovery / reduce suffering / support to patient’s family.

Your feed back, suggestion will help me  and others as well.

Stay Fit and Help others when in need.


My Social View


Social Problem V/S Responsible Citizen

If we Indian will become responsible citizen then 50% social problems will be solved automatically and it’ll help us to enjoy true super power and comfort of living.

Problems like garbage disposal sense in public places, cleanliness of public places, diseased due to dirty environment  water conservation sense, noise pollution, stopping to electricity wastage, following traffic rules etc etc

GDP loss due to careless behavior to make the country dirty and reduce living standards is such a big loss that if we don’t become responsible for our act basic Living cost will be go high time to time  and will add the with law and order problem due to lack of basic survival issue

Here is few GDP loss and % in the budget for the cause

– Drought and Flood causes – GDP loss of 13%

– Garbage collection from the road/street and public places, wet and dry garbage segregation and cleanliness of public place – 12% in the budget allocation

– Water borne diseases due to poor waster water disposal & vector borne disease – 2% GDP loss

– River and nala cleaning – 6% of budget

– Accident – Road, Rail,  industrial or fire – 7% GDP loss

– 1% population become disable or unable to attend office for more than year due to accident or disaster

– more can be added to the list but over all understanding is that its making living costly and unhealthy

This losses can be easily reduced as it don’t need any magic but only needs let everyone say let me do my part of duty as an Indian Citizen

Spreading the word and let me start to do it and let other follow approach is only solution

Looking forward for comment/ spreading the words  and how we can make people to enroll to say its me  who is committed to keep India clean and let people follow me instead i may follow others



What is my blog about


This Blog is all about getting knowledge which one can trust in different situation like medical or disaster or accidental emergency


Blog will also have articles how to do compensation in case of accident / disaster or health emergency.


My view on social issues.

Voting – few hours of exercise V/S 5 years of the hardship


Election is on its way. Let all educated citizen start searching the right candidate in our area for voting as our laziness on day of voting is going to cost 5 years of hardship and big hole in pocket with some stress oriented disease in gift .. Like/ Comment/Share for brighter and happy future of self.
Start saying I’m 100% going to vote and find the right candidate in my area …as I’m responsible citizen and will do my part of duty for myself and my futures and my country.

Once all will say I’m doing surely it’ll make a difference

I am doing my part of enrolling people for voting in advance please you also follow this initiative in your own way. Let this election we have 100% voting so no political party can take educated public for granted and play poor and religious base dirty politics to make our life hard and expensive living.

Its time all educated people act as learned responsible citizen and also guide the poor what is right voting means and encourage them to vote the right candidate.

If everyone encourage and ensure to motivate to their colleague, employee, servants, drivers, neighbours, friends, relatives, people whom we meet in our day today life for voting i think we have covered 80% population